And yep, we’re just a little excited. 

We are thrilled to announce…we’re heading to Singapore for the first time and for what will be the beginning of an increasing presence in Asia over the next two years. So lock November 25th in your diaries folks, we’re going to Singapore!

Pinot Palooza can legitimately lay claim to being the largest touring Pinot Noir festival on the planet and we can’t wait to share the vinous love in Asia for the first time.

HERE is your EVENT PROSPECTUS containing further information about the event. We can’t wait for you to join us!


Because it is the biggest wine drinker Pinot Noir event in the Southern Hemisphere. Because it gives you access to a new, highly engaged wine audience who are keen and motivated to get to know you and buy your product.

This is not only a great opportunity to get your brand in front a fresh audience of wine drinkers, but also a chance to sign people up to your mailing list, build direct customer relationships and make sales both during the event and, most importantly, post. And did we mention it’s fun?

WE OFFER a $20 refund of the General Admission ticket price for anyone who spends $250 or more with any one wine producer. And we take NO COMMISSION ON SALES.

Less talk & Sign Me Up!


Welcome to Singapore

As our first venture into Asia, Singapore is the perfect city to host Pinot Palooza. A vital shipping hub, the city’s food and wine scene has been booming over the past few years.

With wine consumption set to rise over 30% in the next five years, the time is now to be in the market promoting your brand. With Australia currently enjoying an impressive 38% of the market share, its vital to get out there and in front of wine drinkers.

Whilst the first instalment of the event will be smaller in comparison to other cities, we know we will grow incredibly quickly over the next few years. With the plan to do more and more events in Singapore, our audience will continue to grow and grow which will further add value to your participation.

We see the ‘fun first, facts second’ approach to wine as a global trend and know Singaporeans will embrace with gusto.


THE ANNEXE STUDIO, 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore

A great spot for our first event in Singapore, the Annexe is very much the perfect space for year one of Pinot Palooza. A space known for live music shows, it very much fits the ‘FESTIVAL’ vibe of the event. Centrally located, it is easily accessible by public transport and close to a range of hotels and other sites.


1pm till 6pm

550 +


In short, people who love wine! Below is a little snapshot of the Bottle Shop Concepts audience across Australia and New Zealand. Whilst new to the Asian market, we anticipate this being much the same with a welcome mix of both local and ex-pat communities.

Prior to the event, we will share with you key demographic data to better help you prepare on the day. These insights are invaluable in making the most out of the event and further engage with a new wine audience.


under 35

of which 63% were women


of all website traffic was via a mobile device


of mobile use was via an Apple device


of attendees more likely to purchase a wine brand they’ve seen at our events in retail stores


Check out our 2016 END OF EVENT REPORT.

I don’t think the UK has a single consumer wine event that comes close to what Bottle Shop Concepts are doing.


We would be lying if we said that we don’t dream of festivals like this almost daily so boy, are we excited!


'Imagine a wine event that’s … fun. You don’t have a pencil in your hand. You’re not racking your brain for clever things to say on brightness or salinity. You can just say, “Yum".


Everyone’s favourite grape dedicated festival, Pinot Palooza is back and boy are we excited


Wine Tastings Are Boring, Wine Parties Are the Future



There is no doubt those who join us love wine. What’s even better is that they are dead keen to get to know you, get on your mailing list and buy!

As an added incentive, we offer a $20 refund on the General Admission ticket price for anyone who spends $250 or more with any one wine producer. And we take NO COMMISSION ON SALES.

Pinot Palooza is not just about on the day sales. The true value is in the relationships built post event where you follow up with those who signed up to your database, follow you on the socials and more. Brand recognition and loyalty leads long terms potential sales increasing the value of that initial email lead.

Below are some more insights into the Bottle Shop Concepts audience of 2016 in Australia & NZ as an example.

 $820k +*

Estimated total wine sales sold on event days in 2016


Average sales per winery per event


Average spend per head on event day


Average database sign ups per winery per city

*based on the exhibitor post event feedback survey


Our event philosophy is simple: make it engaging and focus on fun rather than facts.

Anchored in HOSPITALITY, we are not about baume/PH levels, trellising systems and winemaking process. Our attendees want you to tell them a story; the story of who you are, why you’re there, and what style your wine is. People connect to people after all. If they want more information, let them ask.

Engage with attendees in a way that they’ll remember you – don’t bamboozle people with wine making jargon or you’ll get a yellow card!

‘People want to learn about wine the same way in which they consume it; socially’ – Dan Sims



($50 Early Bird)

General admission tickets allow access from 1pm till 6pm, an epic Plumm Vintage REDa Wine Glass (valued at $35) and all wine tastes.


We hate tokens as we believe it turns what should be an ‘interaction’ into a ‘transaction’. By eliminating tokens and making all wine tastes included, it allows you to spend your time telling your story.


You can’t live on Pinot alone. Heck, we’ve tried. Having great food is vital at events and what people demand and we’ll be looking to tap into the local legends to help us on the day.

And of course, we all need a cleansing ale every now and then (we’re looking at you, winemakers!) so we’ll make sure we have beer and cider on hand to refresh the palate.



The SOMM BAR (formally BURG BAR) is where wines from not only Burgundy are offered by the glass (at almost cost price) but other regions, countries and more. Think B-Sides, limited release, Hi-Fi, Lo-Fo wines with top Sommeliers on hand to guide people through the wines on tasting at the Somm Bar and on the event floor as well.


Got an idea or a special promotion you’d like to do on the day? Then be sure to tell us so we can plug you in the lead up. We know those wineries who promote themselves in the lead up are the ones sought after on the day.


With five years’ event experience under our belt, BSC has been instrumental in engaging a new wine audience. Our brand awareness, combined with our forever growing database, a strong PR push and social commerce strategy, we’re positive the inaugural Singapore event will be a sell out.

Adapting to the local market is critical which is why we’ve appointed FOOD NEWS PR to be our PR agency in Singapore. We know they’ll deliver the reach results for a SOLD OUT event thanks to their extensive event  experience.

But as always, we want to talk about you, why you do what you do and why so your input is critical. Which is why we’ll put together a detailed Social Media Cheat Sheet which will have various images (in various size formats), suggested copy and other marketing collateral to help you further spread the vinous word. We know you’re time poor so we’re here to make it easy.

Below are some insights into our marketing reach from all our events last year.

For more information into our marketing reach, check out our 2016 END OF YEAR REPORT.

Total Marketing Reach in 2016
Print Media Reach
Digital & Social Reach
Facebook impressions

Facebook remains the most influential form of customer engagement for all our events and is the main advertising and social commerce platform. It’s where everyone is and the primary way our audience engage with us. The Singapore Event Page will be vital for engagement so ensure you note ‘attending’ or ‘interested’.

Instagram is the main visual focus of efforts in the lead up and during live events. This where your ‘character’ really comes into play especially on event days. The more you get into the vibe, the more people share! Be sure to follow and tag us!

Less of a social platform, as it doesn’t appeal to the younger demographic, but it is an excellent tool to inform wine producers and other industry influencers as to what’s going on.


The ‘PEOPLE’S CHOICE’ prize become a highly contested prize at our events and are a great way to further leverage your brand post event.

On the day, we ask guests to vote for their favourite producer and announce the winners towards the end of the event. So, if someone says ‘I really love your wine’, remind them to vote for you in the People’s Choice. iPads will be roaming throughout the day as well as stations at registration.

Who will be inaugural victor in Singapore???

Last years Pinot Palooza winners are below!


ADELAIDE: Shaw & Smith
PERTH: Vinteloper
AUCKLAND: Nanny Goat
SYDNEY: Vinteloper
MELBOURNE: Vinteloper
BRISBANE: Moondarra


We do our best to ensure your event experience is as streamlined, easy and enjoyable as possible, so all you have to do is rock up on the day and engage We understand and respect the larger investment of travel and accomodation to Singapore, so have done our best to keep fees at a minimum.

A full (online) EXHIBITOR BIBLE will follow upon registration. This will include links to registration of wines, and other compliance requirements as well key dates and shipping information.


  • Listing of brand and wines in the Pinot Palooza SINGAPORE booklet
  • Pallet bar 2.5 x 2.5 mtr space (additional styling available upon request – fees apply)
  • Basic Winery Signage
  • Spittoon, Ice Bucket, Water
  • Cool Room to ensure wine is served at correct temperature (where applicable)
  • One Plumm wine glass to taste from, 2 for larger events (more available on the day at $10 per stem)
  • Listing on the PINOT PALOOZA WEBSITE with reciprocal link to your website
  • MARKETING & PROMOTIONAL support via social media channels and multiple shout outs
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CHEAT SHEET (to make promoting yourself in the lead up easier)
  • $20 REFUND of attendees GA ticket if they spend over $250 with you

 $650 SGD

Per Stand


We want to ensure you make the most out of your event experience and as a result, we’ll be running a series of seminars/talks in and around how to capitalise on the people in front of you. These sessions will be FREE and EXCLUSIVE to all BSC exhibitors.

The talks will include not only insights from what we’re seeing, but the movers and shakers in social commerce, digital marketing, brand and more.

Prior to the event, we’ll be running an information evening for all importers and distributors as an opportunity to get to know you all and further explain the event philosophy behind the event. 


Singapore events are run and managed by Revel Pty Ltd (A Bottle Shop Concept Company), so fees are in SGD dollars and invoiced accordingly.


We could keep banging on but we think pictures say 1000 words.

Just check out all of the smiling faces from 2016! All these and more can be found on the PINOT PALOOZA Facebook Page.

We can’t wait to share the love in Singapore!


Whether small, large, silly or of general interest. Be sure to drop us a line at cheers@bottleshopconcepts.com