One of the producers joining us at the inaugural Pinot Palooza Singapore is Merchants Wine Store. We caught up with one of its owners, Ainslie Kenny, to ask her all about Singapore, the wine scene and Pinot Palooza ahead of the big day.

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Tell us about Merchants Wine Store? Why did you choose Singapore?
Merchants is a collective of small, indie winemakers from Aus and NZ – and we’ve set up Bottle Shop Bistros in Singapore to bypass all the middlemen and reach wine lovers direct. We launched Merchants in Singapore to satisfy our late night chilli crab and satay addictions.   

Do you only stock wines from Aus and NZ? How do they appeal to the Singapore market? 
Part of our mission is to showcase the incredible regional variety and variation with Aus/NZ wines. The Singapore market embraces Aus/NZ wines because they’re so approachable, super food-friendly, and as well as that, loads of Singaporeans studied in Australia and are familiar with regions like Margaret River, Yarra Valley, Adelaide etc 

Have you ever been involved with anything like Pinot Palooza before?
No! It’s unique! 

What are you most looking forward to? 
Aside from being part of the first ever Singapore PP, we can’t wait to taste such an incredible selection of Pinots under one roof, and connect with the courageous Pinot-Whisperers that wrangle this finickety variety!

What should people seek out at your stand? 
Our wine brands are so tiny, they mostly can’t be found even in bottle shops in Aus/NZ, so it’s a chance to experience some very special wines!

What’s the coolest thing you know about wine? 
A crowd favourite piece of trivia  – the British invented Champagne (not the French!)

What do you drink when no one is watching?
Reschs Pilsener – a classic Sydney beer brewed since 1929, it’s only available in NSW but it’s a favourite drop! Oh and lots of coffee too!

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