Singapore Wine List 2018!

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Here is your wine list for Pinot Palooza 2018 and boy, is it a beauty! An incredible range of styles, regions and producers are represented this year… you lucky things!

But so many wines on tasting can be somewhat overwhelming, and the ultimate question is always where to begin?

Our suggestion is to approach it as you would a music festival. Think of the different styles or producers as stages, each one representing a certain genre of music or musician.

Each will have its own unique character and what you like or don’t like is all down to how you feel or what you feel like seeking at that particular moment in time.

Spend time at the Main Stage, of course, but make sure you head to the Fringe and Emerging Stages for something new or different. Up for a splurge? Hit the VIP stage. Up for something fun? The Dance Tent’s where it’s at. And when you feel like taking it a little easy, the Chill Out Room’s waiting for you.

This is how you Pinot, with your hands in the air like you just don’t care!


Main Stage: Think of this as the headline act which you absolutely have to check out. If you haven’t heard of them, you soon will. This one’s a must.
VIP: This is the smart act who demands your attention and one you’ll cough up good dollars for!
Fringe: Think a little left field, a tad alternative, unique, intriguing and captivating. Not mainstream and all the better for it.
Emerging Talent: This is your new, up and coming Pinot artist, or one who’s undergone reinvention.
Chill Out Room: Super chilled, easy going, relaxed and super lo-fi.
Dance Tent: Something that is just bright, fun, and makes you want to move.

HINT: Check out last year’s People’s Choice TOP 10 but make sure you go meet someone you’ve never met before, too. 

Then, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE wine on the day to go in the draw to win some EPIC prizes.


Moondarra – Gippsland, Vic
Conception 2017 – 60
Samba Side 2017 – 80

Montalto – Mornington Peninsula, Vic
Montalto Pennon Hill 2016 – 32
Montalto 2016 – 50
Montalto Tuerong block 2016 – 70

Kooyong Estate – Mornington Peninsula, Vic
Kooyong Massale 2017 – 75
Kooyong Estate 2016 – 90

Shaw + Smith – Adelaide Hills, SA
Shaw + Smith 2016 – 47
Tolpuddle Vineyard 2016 – 83

Below and Above – Pemberton, WA
Below and Above 2014 – 60

Josef Chromy – Tasmania
PEPIK Sparkling Rose – 48
PEPIK 2016 – 45
Josef Chromy 2016 – 55
Zdar 2012 – 75

Stoney Rise / Holyman – Tasmania
Stoney Rise 2018 – 39
Holyman 2016 – 59

And more below!


Domaine-Thomson – Central Otago NZ
Domaine-Thomson ‘Surveyor Thomson’ Single Vineyard 2013 – 65
Domaine-Thomson ‘Rows 1-37’ Single Vineyard 2014 – 98
Domaine-Thomson ‘Explorer’ Single Vineyard 2017 – 48

Schubert – Martinborough, NZ
Marion’s Vineyard – 89.50
Block B – 95

Craggy Range – Martinborough, NZ
Craggy Range Te Muna 2014
Craggy Range Aroha 2016

United Kingdom

Gosnells – UK 
Gosnells London Mead – 12
Gosnells Hopped Mead – 12
Gosnells Citra Sea Mead – 12
Gosnells Gooseberry & Tea Mead – 12

And more below!


Tarras ‘The Canyon’ 2014 – 57
Cambridge Road Estate 2011 – 98
The Journey 2017 – 62
Pipers Brook 2017 – 64
Duck Sauce 2016 – 30
The Don 2016 – 35


Tapanappa – Fleurie, SA
Foggy Hill 2016 – 88.3

Carrick – Central Otago NZ
Carrick Unravelled 2017 – 61.3
Carrick Bannockburn 2017 – 61.3

Urlar – Wairarapa, NZ
Urlar 2015 – 68.3
Urlar Select Parcels 2014 – 89.3

Babich – Marlborough NZ
Babich Marlborough 2017 – 58.3
BABICH Winemakers Reserve 2015 – 81.3


Central Otago, NZ
Amisfield 2015 – 52

Marlborough, NZ
Fromm La Strada 2016 – 55
Dogpoint 2015 – 59
Neudorf Tom Block 2014 – 49
Steve Bird 2010 – 42

Martinborough, NZ
Dry River 2013 – 125

Geelong, Vic
By Farr Farrside 2016 – 75
By Farr Sangreal 2016 – 79
Farr Rising 2015 – 59
Irrewarra 2016 – 65

Macedon, Vic
Bindi Dixon 2015 – 75

Yarra Valley, Vic
Giant Steps Applejack 2017 – 55
Giant Steps Sexton Pinot 2017 – 55
Rob Dolan White Label 2016 – 38
Innocent Bystander 2017 – 34

Stellenbosch, South Africa
Hamilton Russel 2015 – 59


Cake 2018 – 34
Cake Rosé 2018 – 30

Sanglier LDR 2018 – 42

Rising- Yarra Valley, Vic
Rising 2017 – 40

Sticks – Yarra Valley, Vic
Sticks 2016 – 45

Catalina Sounds – Marlborough NZ
Catalina Sounds ‘Sound of White’ 2016 – 55
Catalina Sounds 2017 – 42

Totara – Marlborough, NZ
Totara 2016 – 45

Nanny Goat – Central Otago, NZ
Nanny Goat 2017 – 54
Nanny Goat ‘Super Nanny’ 2017 – 65

Crowded House – Marlborough, NZ
Crowded House 2017 – 35


Franz Haas – Alto Adige, Italy

Paolo e Noemia D’Amico – Italy

Wild Rock – Central Otago, NZ


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Brand new to Pinot Palooza this year is BAR VERMOUTH, which will be run by the legends from EC Proof. These spirits specialists will be bringing a range of vermouths for you to try either as tastings, over ice or in cocktails.

We caught up with them to find out exactly what they do and what we should do while we’re in town.

Tell us about EC Proof. 

EC Proof is your go to location for craft luxury spirits to stock up your home or office bar. We offer amazing experiences to teach you more about spirits and cocktail making so you can enjoy your favourite cocktails at home. We also create phenomenal educational events that support the incredible drinking scene in Singapore. 

Where do you pinot?

28HKS is our favourite place for aromatised wine cocktails in Singapore!

What’s the one thing we must do in Singapore?

A bar crawl to all the top bars in the 3rd most prominent cocktail scene in the world including places like 28HKS, Atlas, Manhattan, and of course The Long Bar at Raffles. 

What are three places we must visit (food and drink related) in Singapore?

See #4. We also suggest the river boat cruise which takes you around Marina Bay and up along the river. Gives you a great view of Marina Bay Sands, Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Robertson Quay. 

Your Pinot Palooza 2018 Menu

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Once again, the legends that are Meat Smith are on hand to feed you at Pinot Palooza, Singapore! You’ll need your strength to get through all those delicious wines on tasting.

Chicken Buffiyaki Bau $6
MS Cheeseburger $12
Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar Dog $12

Crinkle Cut Fries $5
Chilli Cheese Fries $8

People’s Choice 2017

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At every Pinot Palooza we run – whether in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore – we hold a competition which allows our guests to vote for their favourite winemaker on the day. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, right?

The day in Singapore felt a little different to the others. We were very… relaxed. Normally, we’re running around, checking all the last minute details. But we worked with a local events company in Singapore called Events Artery, who did such an amazing job of helping us set up and get everything ready to go, that all we really had to do was get pumped up!

When our guests arrived, we gave them a Plumm wine glass and they got tasting. We had a mix of importers – who were representing a number of different wineries – and winemakers, who were representing their own wines. Once our guests had tried all the wines – or as many as they could – they voted for their favourite.

It was really interesting to see how the results played out. In Australia and New Zealand, where we have few importers and mostly just individual wineries, although it’s anyone’s game we know from experience who has performed well in previous events, so we have a bit more of an idea of who might do well. But in Singapore, with a new audience, we had no idea how it was going to go.

Looking at the results, it was clear that the winemakers who’d made the trip had the advantage over the importers. This was likely because our guests had the opportunity to actually talk to the person who’d make the wines that they were drinking, and could listen to their story first hand. Keep this in mind, winemakers!!

But a massively successful day, not just for the wineries who placed, but for everyone who was there – you included! Delicious food from Meatsmith, music from DJs Krishan P and Matty Wainwright, FIJI water and Stone & Wood beer. We can’t wait to do it all again next year.

  1. Valli
  2. Nanny Goat
  3. Moondarra
  4. Josef Chromy
  5. Vinteloper
  6. Craggy Range
  7. Journey
  8. Stefano Lubiana
  9. Dalrymple
  10. Kooyong Estate